Our goal is to enable every individual to buy their own property at conditions, which are more favorable than what the property market currently offers. We have started our work locally in Slovenia/EU, but our long term ambitions go beyond national borders.
AGTI Real Estate Token

Vrednost AGTI Real Estate tokna določajo kupci in prodajalci na prostem trgu. Družba s svojim poslovnim načrtom in njegovim izvajanjem prispeva k stabilni vrednosti tokna in zagotavlja likvidnost. Trgovanje z tokni bomo organizrali direknto ali preko obstoječih kripto-menjalnic.

The Token preserves its value in several ways. Most important are limited total amount of the token and that tokens are redeemable by purchase of real-estate property.

Crypto Wallets
You can keep your Tokens safe on one of Cardano wallets and have full control over your assets. Optionally you can trust us to keep your Tokens safe for you.

Advantage of AGTI Token is derived from the potential of purchasing a property on favorable terms and in a way, that reduces exposure to inflation.

It is possible to purchase AGTI Real Estate tokens gradually in small amounts, even for a fraction of one Token unit*.
*We are not financial advisors, if you need help with a decision about a token, then seek help from professional financial advisors.
investicijskega svetovanja, kupci ki potrebujejo pomoč pri sprejemu odločitve o nakupu toknov naj se obrnejo na strokovnjake, ki so usposobljeni za ta področja.

Token operates on Cardano blockchain and therefore profits form strong and stable cryptographic properties of one of the biggest blockchains.

Frequently asked Questions

1. Fill in and submit the order online form, HERE. Form provides us with all necessary information to fulfill the order.
2. You will receive an Email with order confirmation and payment instructions.
3. After payment has been received, you will receive Tokens on your wallet and receipt.

AGTI Real Estate Tokens can be stored on any Cardano blockchain wallet.
Safest is hardware wallet, such as Ledger Nano X, purchase is needed. You can use this wallet by itself or together with one of the wallets mentioned below.
Simplest and cheapest options are software wallets, some are listed here from simplest to more complex: Yoroi (user friendly) AdaLite (simple and safe) Daedalus (official Cardano chain wallet)

It will be possible to sell AGTI Real Estate Tokens to other interested parties. For this purpose we will establish cooperation with a crypto market or facilitate contacts between interested parties through our web page.

We will as well regularly buy back tokens within our financial plan once we establish a large enough trover. Offers for buy back will be posted on our web page.

Prednost pri nakupu nepremičnine bodo imele stranke iz prioritetne liste, ki bodo imele v lasti večje število AGTI toknov zbranih v daljšem časovnem obdobju. S tem pa si prislužijo tudi večji popust pri nakupu nepremičnine. Podrobna pravila bodo objavljena v naprej v objavljenem oglasu za prodajo nepremičnine.

Kupec nepremičnine, ki bo imel v lasti 20 % AGTI tokna, glede na gradbeno vrednost (vsi stroški izgradnje objekta od nakupa zemljišča dalje) bo lahko kupil nepremičnino po gradbeni vrednosti. Tisti, ki bo imel manj AGTI toknov v lasti bo imel sorazmerno manjši popust in v tem smislu bo kupec, ki bo kupil nepremičnino brez AGTI toknov, nepremičnino kupil po tržni vrednosti.

Več o projektu si lahko preberete v beli knjigi, ki je objavljena na tej strani pod sekcijo Dokumentacija.

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