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Duplex at Grad na Goričkem


The planned construction of 3 residential semi-detached houses is located on a beautiful plot of land that offers future residents everything they need. All infrastructure is in the immediate vicinity. Approximately 400 m2 of land will belong to each unit (six units). Each unit will have a living area of approximately 160 m2. Since there is no sewage system in the village yet, the construction of a biological wastewater treatment plant is planned. Ownership of the land has recently been arranged. The project is in the development phase, but all updates about the project will be published later. We will soon also publish a cost estimate for the construction, so that future buyers - owners of AGTI Real Estate will be continuously informed about the costs incurred from the beginning of the project until the sale.

ID Code: PR/22/01

Region: Pomurska regija


Več o lokaciji: Grad na Goričkem


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