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The owner of the website ensures the protection of personal data that will be used exclusively for the purpose of informing about the progress of the order (in the case of a purchase made in the online store), and for sending advertising material. The owner guarantees that the data of visitors and users will be used only for the smooth processing of orders and will not be disclosed to third parties. In case of problems or uncertainties in the use of the website, the owner of the website reserves the right to contact the consumer through distance communication means.

By registering, the visitor allows the owner of the website to collect and use the personal data entered during registration. All data entered by the visitor during registration is intended for the provider's business and is not forwarded for other purposes or to third parties. We permanently store the data entered by the visitor during registration in a computer system that is properly protected and secured. We are not responsible for any "intrusion" into the computer system!


You can obtain a report on your personal data through our email address: Sledite korakom za pridobitev poročila in navodilom za popravek ali popolno odstranitev vaših podatkov. Kako lahko urejate vaše osebne podatke ali jih nadzirate posamezno, je odvisno od načina oddaje podatkov pri naročilu z ustvarjanjem uporabniškega računa, naročilu kot gost, ali vpis vašega e-mail naslova v Newsletter. Vedno lahko izberete, ali želite prejemati promocijska obvestila, telefonske klice ali klasično pošto od podjetja AGENT INVEST d.o.o., Stritarjeva ulica 04, 4000 Kranj.


Cookies are small files with information that are temporarily stored on your computer. When cookies are installed on your computer, you are not informed about this. The main purpose of cookies is for web servers to recognize your computer and web browser, customize the website, and ensure ease and speed. Cookies allow us to show you the correct information you are looking for and interested in. By collecting and remembering information about your website settings through cookies, we can provide a better website and marketing experience. Cookies do not give us access to your computer and the data we collect through cookies does not include personal data.

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For the needs of the website, we can use the following cookies:

  1. Necessary cookies for the operation of the website

Session cookie

__PHPSESSIDsessionOperating system for displaying content.

Necessary for the operation of the system for editing and displaying content. This cookie ensures proper receipt of electronic messages and content on the website. The cookie is deleted when the user leaves the website.

  1. Third party cookies

Google Analytics

__utma2 yearsDistinguishes users from sessions.
__utmb30 minDetects new visits.
__utmcSession timeNecessary for script compatibility with the back.
__utmz6th monthsCarries information about the source of traffic.
__utmv2 yearsStores general visitor information.

With these cookies, we record visitor statistics. These cookies do not contain any personal information, they only serve to ensure the uniqueness of visits. You can read more about Google Analytics cookies, their purpose and duration on their website.

If you want to block Google Analytics services only, you can do so here.

IMPORTANT! Cookies are files on your computer. To remove cookies, check the above links for instructions on how to delete cookies in your browser.

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